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Natural Deodorant Recipe


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I would say that I have pretty much tried out every natural deodorant on the market (this was obviously in my former life when I was still in the market!), but I could never find one that did the job.

Now, I’m not someone who suffers from any serious B.O., but I definitely become aware of it if I forget to put deodorant on, or if the deodorant I am using is not working.  I don’t have any issue with sweating, I figure that being one of my body’s natural responses it’s probably best not to get in the way of it.   Besides which, sweat doesn’t actually have any odour.  It is the little bacteria which are busy doing bacteria business under your arms that produce the odour.

So after trying every natural deodorant on the market with no success I was very keen to see if I could find a recipe that worked.  I was pretty lucky with the natural deodorant search, as the very first recipe I tried was a winner.   I initially went with the coconut mama’s recipe, which I chose because it looked extremely easy, only contained 4 ingredients and contained coconut oil and bicarb, both of which I am in love with.  Her recipe calls for arrowroot powder which I didn’t have, but I looked up online that you can use cornflour in place of arrowroot, so I did that.  I mixed it up into a paste and put it in a jar and started using it that day.  Based on my previous experiences with natural deodorant I was pretty skeptical about this working so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not get any BO. I spent a couple of weeks walking around, surreptitiously checking for it (BO that is), but there was none to be found.

I was pretty happy with the results and wanted two of my self-confessed stinky friends (as they shall be known for the purpose of this blog) to give it a go.  One of the stinkers had told me that she has to buy specialised, extra strong deodorant from the chemist as she didn’t have any luck with the usual stuff you buy in the supermarket.  The other stinker said that they needed to change their shirt a number of times during the day (often at the request of his girlfriend) due to the BO issue.  Both skeptical at the start and both now using the deodorant.

The only problem I found with this recipe was that through applying the paste with my hands, the bicarb was making my, already-extremely-dry-as-the-result-of-the-Canberra-winter hands, unbearably dry.  So I had another look online and found a “travel friendly” version at Chocolate and Zucchini which basically has the same ingredients as the coco mama but includes beeswax so that you can turn it into a “stick deodorant”.
So here is the recipe I have had success with:

(and yep, this is one that I made, professional huh?!)



5 grams of beeswax

4 tablespoons of coconut oil

1/4 cup of bicarb soda

1/4 cup of cornflour

empty recycled stick/push up deodorant container

 What to do:

Melt the beeswax and coconut oil together in a pan on the stove, when it is completely melted take of the heat and stir in the bicarb and cornflour, keep stirring until it starts to cool a bit  and turns into a paste, (it is important to do this part, I missed this step in one of the earlier versions I made and the bicarb didn’t mix evenly and so there were parts of the deodorant that were too abrasive for my poor little pits!).  Shove the paste into the empty deodorant container and you are done.

  1. I asked everyone I know, and I even put up a notice on my work online bulletin board requesting recycled deodorant containers (well there was a lady asking for empty Jamie Oliver Pasta bottles so…..) and  I managed to get a couple.  If you can’t get a recycled one, you can either buy a full one from the shop and empty it, or you can buy empty new ones online, but a recycled one would be better for the earth 🙂
  2. I don’t bother using essential oils in this recipe, as I quite like the coconut smell and I have essential oils in other body products I am making, but you can, of course, add essential oils if you would like to change-up the scent.
  3. As coconut is the main ingredient, the consistency of the deodorant will vary depending on the temperature, I have been using this recipe all through the Canberra winter and usually just hold it under my arm for around 30 seconds to heat up the coconut oil and then it is ready to go.  I haven’t used this during summer yet, but I would expect you may need to increase the beeswax, and maybe even store it in the fridge, I also wouldn’t go leaving it in a hot car.
  4. Dont be shy using this one, I slather it all around my armpits, there was one day when I didn’t, and I regretted it.


I would love to hear of other easy, foolproof deodorant recipes that you are making at home 🙂


Author: teagls

I am your ordinary Canberra gal, I'm a public servant, a mum, etc, etc... I'm on a mission to live a more natural and sustainable life and I'm looking to do it in the simplest, most cost effective way possible :)

2 thoughts on “Natural Deodorant Recipe

  1. awesome! If you wanted to use essential oils, Clary Sage is a good one as it is a natural deodorant, also tea tree for its antibacterial/anti-fungal properties. Also, if you choose to use cornstarch, make sure that its GMO free :)..


    • Thanks for the essential oil advice, I look forward to learning much more about essential oils from you 🙂 Excellent point about the GMO free corn flour. From what I understand, the only GM crops currently being grown in Australia are cotton and canola, so if you buy Australian made you should be OK 🙂


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