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101 uses for garlic

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Last time I talked to you about my cold sores and this week I am going to talk about my warts. Yes, cold sores AND warts, I am a picture of loveliness. Well actually I don’t have any cold sores or warts at the moment, and that is because I have found genius ways of getting rid of them.

I have had my fair share of warts over the years and have tried many unsuccessful ways to get rid of them. They always grow back, even the ones I had “burnt” off at the doctor’s surgery grew back. I found the only thing that seemed to get rid of them was time, but warts sure do take their time about leaving, and mine would usually last for at least a year or two.

But that was before I discovered just how cool garlic is.  In the last couple of years I have used garlic to encourage a couple of warts to make a quicker exit. And when I say quicker, I mean in under a week.

My suggestion would be to do this at night, in the privacy of your own home, where it is perfectly acceptable for you to stink like garlic.  All you have to do is get a lovely little garlic clove and take cut yourself a slice. Place this slice over the wart and give the wart a really good rub and get all that lovely wart killing garlic juice all over it, and then cover it with a band-aid.  Leave it on when you sleep and repeat for as many nights as it takes for the little wart to depart. That’s it. Goodbye wart.


Whilst on the subject of garlic I feel I must pay homage to some of the other things garlic could do for you. In addition to helping food be even more delicious, reducing the frequency of colds and providing many therapeutic benefits including reducing the risk of brain, prostate and lung cancer, garlic may (or may not) be able to do the following:

  • Garden bug repellent – I am sure we have all had our own experience of being repelled by the smell of garlic and a number of little pests are affected in the same way. White flies, aphids, cabbage loopers, squash bugs, are repelled by garlic. You can make a garlic spray and apply to your plants.

Blood sucking pests (Mosquitos and vampires) – as above, but spray on your body in place of your plants.
 Acne – in the same way I have successfully removed my warts, you can remove your pimples. Although, depending on the extent of your pimples, it might prove difficult to try and band-aid garlic slices all over face. The suggested treatment here is to cut open the garlic and apply the garlic juice directly on the pimple/s.


Glass repair – no really. There are plenty of resources on the internet that swear this is true, so therefore it must be.  Apparently garlic juice is a natural adhesive, super glue it isn’t, but people suggest that it can be used to fill in a hairline crack in glass and hold it together.

splinter Splinter removal – you may recall that I have used bicarb for this process, well apparently garlic will do the trick too.

Fish__Bait_1_preview Fish bait – it seems that fish would prefer a bit of seasoning to go with their food. Word on the street is that catfish, carp and any bottom feeding fish will jump at your garlic worms.

maiden_with_long_hair_clip_art_22283  Hair loss help – some people swear that massaging your head with garlic oil can help to bring back previously lost hair. Worth a try?

lover-clipart-lovers130113   Aphrodisiac – Gone are the days of limiting your garlic intake for fear of offending your partner. The “science” behind this one is that garlic increases circulation to your extremities. I’ll leave that there.


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I am your ordinary Canberra gal, I'm a public servant, a mum, etc, etc... I'm on a mission to live a more natural and sustainable life and I'm looking to do it in the simplest, most cost effective way possible :)

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