A Re-Examined Life

Canberra girl’s mission to live a more natural, sustainable life.



I am a Canberra based girl who is not an expert in anything.

What I lack for in expertise, however, I make up for in enthusiasm, and  I am really passionate about trying to live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

Unfortunately for me (and the earth!), this whole “living naturally and sustainably” thing doesn’t come all that naturally to me (how is that for irony).  For me, it’s not instinctive.  Particularly when it comes to anything DIY.  It is never a good idea for me to take on anything complicated or time consuming.

Despite my lack of natural skill in this area, I am determined to make changes and have been spending stacks time trawling the internet and looking through library books, looking to find the most simple, practical,  and Stephanie-(that’s me)-proof  things.   What I have found is that there are plenty of simple, genius ideas and solutions for natural and sustainable living that anyone can do regardless of how un-naturally natural they may be.  This blog is to share what I am learning and implementing into my life in the hope that it might provide some inpsiration for others to do the same 🙂


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Where is Canberra?


  2. Ah, how many times have we heard LFFL’s question? 🙂 Saw you popped into my blog, which led me to yours – another Canberra gal, yay! Your blog looks great. Is that gorgeous house your home?


    • A work colleague told me about your great looking blog, I look forward to having a good read through 🙂 Unfortunately the gorgeous house is not my home, yet….. it is what I aspire to live in. One day….. 🙂


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